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The next big thing in energy that’s already here – Hydrogen

by 椎名马丁

环保骑? Why this hydrogen fuel produced from thin air 而且 sunshine is sure to rev you up.

On a busy road in Sydney, a car enters traffic. It’s one of almost 20 million vehicles in 澳大利亚 registered to do so, yet its journey is unique, 重大的, 甚至历史. 这是第一辆使用最先进的绿色氢燃料进行航行的汽车, it’s technically still a 科学 experiment.

The fuel is made via a system invented by Professor Behdad Moghtaderi 而且 his team that ‘harvests’ incredibly pure water (H2O) from the air, then uses electrolysis (generated via solar panels) to split it into hydrogen 而且 oxygen, storing the hydrogen as a gas which can be used to fuel vehicles.

As traffic lights turn green the Hyundai NEXO accelerates, 啜饮Moghtaderi教授的前卫燃料,只排放水——这是所有氢燃料汽车的一个令人满意的特点.

把这个复杂的过程简化为一个粗略的概要——这种汽车燃料是由稀薄的空气和阳光制造的, 当使用时, produces emissions safe enough to drink.

Ahh, surely this has a whiff of snake oil about it - what’s the catch?

New green hydrogen made from solar power 而且 air


事实上,没有. Moghtaderi教授的过程涉及最小的处理,因为通过水力收割机收集的水非常纯净, which translates to significantly lower production costs.

这种汽车燃料 ... produces emissions safe enough to drink

uedbet官网通过水力收割机技术生产的水非常纯净,可以直接送入电解槽, which is a huge advantage over other sources of water. 海水, 废水甚至自来水都需要多个处理步骤才能达到电解所需的纯度. By removing the need for treatment, we can dramatically reduce hydrogen production cost,” said Professor Moghtaderi.


Professor Behdad Moghtaderi refuels the Hyundai Nexo with his green hydrogen

^Professor Behdad Moghtaderi refuels the Hyundai Nexo with his green hydrogen

“重要的是, 通过从空气中收集水,uedbet官网不会对饮用和家庭使用的饮用水供应造成额外的压力, which in climates like 澳大利亚 is a long-term consideration for viability,他说.

So is it challenging (read costly) to transport 而且 access?

显然不是. Being off-grid 而且 modular, 该系统非常适合安装在任何提供足够空间和阳光的位置, neither of which 澳大利亚 is short on.

Moghtaderi教授和他的团队在该大学的一个小场地上建造了他们的燃料发电系统 uedbet官网 Institute for Energy 而且 Resources (尼尔) 研究机构.

澳大利亚第一个公共氢燃料汽车加气站于2021年初开放,距离堪培拉的Fyshwick中央商务区10分钟车程,由AGL能源子公司ActewAGL拥有, the other owned by 丰田, approximately 30 minutes west of Melbourne in Altona.

The 创新 ‘harvests’ pure water (H2O) from the air, then uses electrolysis to split the water into hydrogen 而且 oxygen, before storing the hydrogen as a gas which can be used to power vehicles.

堪培拉站旨在为澳大利亚首都地区政府购买的20辆现代NEXO氢燃料电池汽车提供服务. 与现代, 丰田, 奥迪, 宝马, 本田和梅赛德斯-奔驰都在开发氢燃料电池汽车,它们在澳大利亚上市只是时间问题.

We’ll need more than two public fuel stations to make that a reality.

One option being trialled by Professor Moghtaderi’s team, along with industry partner, 南方绿色气体是将绿色氢与二氧化碳(也从空气中提取)结合起来的方法。, as a ‘carrier’ or way to readily transport hydrogen for various end users.

“As part of an ARENA funded project, we’re combining carbon dioxide (CO2) with our green hydrogen to make renewable methane. 这使得uedbet官网可以利用现有的天然气管道轻松地长距离运输氢气,” said Professor Moghtaderi.

与现代, 丰田, 奥迪, 宝马, 本田(Honda)和梅赛德斯-奔驰(mercedes - benz)都在研发氢燃料电池汽车,它们在澳大利亚上市只是时间问题.

“在使用的时候, for example a fuelling station, green methane can be easily converted back to hydrogen. 另外, 绿色甲烷可以供应给家庭,并作为一种可再生的天然气形式使用.”

这项绿色甲烷技术将在昆士兰州罗马附近的天然气中心进行演示,每年将生产约620公斤氢气, 将其转化为74千兆焦耳的甲烷,然后注入东海岸现有的天然气管道网络.

uedbet官网利用Southern Green Gas及其合作伙伴APA Group的专业知识和能源基础设施,通过现有的基础设施运输绿色甲烷, which will significantly accelerate the adoption of this greener energy option. We expect to have this running later this year,” said Professor Moghtaderi.

所以可以想象, 你很快就能使用Moghtaderi教授的氢燃料,而不仅仅是开车往返于杂货店, but also to knock up a stir fry 而且 then reward all your hard work with a hot bath.

If you needed proof that there’s sunlight at the end of the fossil fuel tunnel, this is it.

Supporting the national hydrogen strategy

联邦政府在180亿美元的投资计划中将氢列为优先的低排放技术 技术 Investment Roadmap to lower 澳大利亚’s carbon footprint.

清洁氢技术具有广泛的增长可能性和快速的可扩展性,这将成为澳大利亚寻求成为该领域主要参与者的关键基石 全球 hydrogen 经济 by 2030.

Hunter Region Hydrogen Hotspot

uedbet官网, where Professor Moghtaderi 而且 his team are based, is one of the nation’s hydrogen hotspots. It hosts one of the two NSW based hydrogen hubs, recently announced by State Energy Minister Matt Kean, 是新南威尔士州唯一一个被列入澳大利亚国家能源资源(NERA)国家氢产业集群的地区.

与工业的紧密联系和几个多学科团队已经在可持续能源技术方面进行了世界领先的研究, uedbet官网是该地区开发和部署新型氢技术的关键参与者.

Hydrogen: The task ahead

As part of its own plans to help the region transition into other parts of the 经济, the university has established a hydrogen taskforce, on which Professor Moghtaderi serves as an academic advisor.

“As the Hunter region transitions to advanced manufacturing 而且 renewables, there has to be 协作 而且 communication between 研究, 政府, community 而且 industry to develop new opportunities,” said Professor Moghtaderi.

The University is ideally placed to bring all these groups together. 我的团队所从事的《uedbet官网》项目便是这种方法有效发挥作用的典型例子. uedbet官网都有一个激动人心的机会,让澳大利亚更接近可持续的未来.”

感兴趣 Next Generation Resources?

感兴趣 Next Generation Resources?

Visit the uedbet官网 Institute for Energy 而且 Resources


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